Bank Notes


Bank Notes

Is the cornerstone of every economy.


The trusted partner for central, wholesale, and retail banks, as well as money exchanges and bureaus.

Brink's maintains supply chain integrity spanning the entire bank note value chain from production to distribution.

Our goal is to provide personalised solutions that help you protect, grow, and enhance your brand reputation.

  • Geldverwerking

    Of het nu gaat om opslag, voorraadbeheer of het tellen en controleren van geld, wij dragen zorg voor de geschiktheidssortering, verpakking, en valsgelddetectie in uiteenlopende valuta's. Binnen onze veilige kluislocaties biedt Brink’s ook expertise ten aanzien van Extended Custodian Inventory (ECI)-faciliteiten en het transport van geld in diverse valuta's van en naar de ECI.

  • Our secure logistics keep your bank notes safe and deliver them on time.

    Let Brink's ensure the security and visibility of your bank notes or raw materials throughout the production and distribution lifecycle.

  • Our strategic services work to keep your products moving around the clock.

    We keep your valuable assets secure and your inventory safe with a fleet of armoured vehicles and all‑risk protection.

  • Our distribution solutions help to mitigate risk of theft.

    Your security is as strong as your supporting network. Capture the benefits of our expansive distribution network for your bank notes in transit.


Our suite of comprehensive solutions is designed to support your business.

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